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Our general philosophy is to take a humble stance against coffee.

We are looking for business partners who share our passion for coffee and want to take it to the next level! Instead of seeing the businesses we work with and will work with as "customers", we become "solution partners" to them.

After determining the most accurate requirements for your space and creating the right items; We support you in everything from general infrastructure installation to coffee training, from weekly freshly roasted coffee deliveries to mutual exchange of ideas.

As Kern Collective family, we continue on our way as a "teammate" rather than a supplier. Below you can find all our Wholesale and consultancy services that you can benefit from if you wish.

-Fresh coffee beans that we buy based on taste.
-Technical infrastructure and bar installation, architectural infrastructure and concept design
-Technical service
-Coffee education

-Espresso machines
-Brewing equipment
-Water filtration systems
-Service equipment
-Tasting events

If you believe that you share the same spirit with us and want to offer Kern Collective coffee in your business, please contact us for detailed information and join the Kern Collective!

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